The Cleveland Karate Institute teaches KI Kajukenpo.  Kajukenpo is a martial art that maintains traditional values for its practitioners.  It develops positive attitudes, self discipline, self defense and leadership skills. Like its parent system Kajukenbo, Kajukenpo is an eclectic system of martial arts comprising of Japanese Karate, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Kenpo and Chinese Boxing or Kung Fu.  Its founder, Soke AlGene Caraulia, Sr. was born in Hawaii. He trained with the legendary founder of Kajukenbo, Sijo Adriano Emperaldo and Tony Ramos. Gene Wyka was his Judo instructor, where he achieved his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kodokan Judo.  Soke Caraulia won the 1st World Karate Championship in 1963.  As a member of the United States Karate Association, he received his 4th Degree Black Belt and was elected to their elite group of Black Belts, the Trias International. By 1970, Soke Caraulia brought his style of martial arts to Cleveland, Ohio and opened the Karate Institute, later to be known as the Karate Institute of America.  The primary differences in Kajukenpo and Kajukenbo is in philosophy.  KAJUKENBO centered its system around Kempo giving it a more Chinese appearance. KAJUKENPO stresses more Japanese Judo and Karate, as influenced by the United States Karate Association.

Kajukenpo karate requires you to develop yourself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce mental growth or physical health.  Kajukenpo karate is a self-defense system, not a sport.  A sport must have rules, but self-defense has no rules.



  1. MAXIMUM PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EFFORT;   This is recognized as the amount of effort applied during class participation, and the amount applied on your own time. 
  2. FLEXIBILITY;   Having an open mind. Through your training in Kajukenpo, you will develop the ability to adjust to different and changing circumstances in a self defense situation. Over time this "flexibility" will extend into your everyday experiences.

       3.  RESPECT FOR THE HUMAN ENTITY;   This is an OTHER AWARENESS program, requiring you to                    consider others as much as yourself.  This in turn teaches you respect for others and respect for yourself.

KAJUKENPO definition;  KA - Karate, JU - Judo and Jujitsu, KEN - Kenpo, PO - Chinese Boxing / Kung Fu 


Kajukenpo Belt Ranks :

White - beginners

Orange (children) - Novice

Yellow (Adult) - Novice

Green - Intermediate

Blue - Intermediate

Purple - Advanced

Brown - (there are three levels) - Advanced

Black Belt - Expert Level