Congratulations to the following students on their belt promotion!!



Emir Balotic - Hachi Kyu

Arpan Tamang- Hachi Kyu
Crystal Myers - Schichi Kyu

Zoe Santiago - Roku Kyu

Diego Nunney - Roku Kyu 










Congratulations to Sensei Capirano on passing the first portion of his

3rd degree black belt test !!

Sensei Capirano will perform the second portion of his test at our National weekend on November 10th in Eastlake. Good luck Sensei !



Next test dates:

General Test - Sept 21, 2017

Senior Belt Test - November 18, 2017



These events are right around the corner, make sure you're ready!


* Soke Caraulia Seminar (#4 of 4) Saturday October 21st at noon @ Munson KI


* KI National Weekend in Eastlake - November 10th, 11th, 12th.

( Black Belt testing / Dinner banquet / Awards ceremony / Points tournament)


* KI Christmas Tournament at Munson KI - December 9th @ 10am