Adult Novice / Advanced

These classes are for adults and teens.  Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday for one hour. They are divided by rank and focus on overall fitness and strength using Kajukenpo specific drills. These classes are split between beginners, intermediate and advanced. Students are taught the aspects of Kajukenpo Karate which implement the many facets of multiple fighting arts combined into a lethal self-defense style.


Jr. Warriors; Novice

These classes are for students six years of age and older.  Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday for forty-five minutes. They Introduce students to Kajukenpo basic blocks, strikes, kicks and stances.  This class is more structured and incorporates discipline and physical activity along with basic self-defense drills.


Jr. Warriors; Intermediate / Advanced

These classes are for orange belts and above that are six years of age and older. Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday for one hour. The longer class makes use of their longer attention spans and allows us to cover more advanced techniques.


Lil Warriors

Our Little Warriors class is designed for our four and a half to six year old students. Classes are a half hour long and held every Monday and Wednesday. This class introduces students to our basic Kajukenpo strikes, kicks, stances and blocks in a fun and semi-loosely structured class. There is no sparring at this level.


Iaido / Iaijutsu

Japanese for "Drawing of the Sword", Iaijutsu is a sword art (katana) that develops balance, posture, appreciation of center line and zanshin (focus).  The art utilizes practice metal blades and consists of a series of Kata (forms) that are practiced independently. Please contact us for class schedule and availability.


Adult Cardio Kickboxing

This class is a HIGH INTENSITY workout that incorporates all of the major muscle groups. This class consist of stand-up cardio, ground exercises, light weights and bag work. You will burn up to 800 calories per class, build endurance and self confidence, improve flexibility and balance, learn to control breathing and heart rate, learn kicking and striking techniques and reduce stress. Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday for one hour.  Bring your comfy clothes!