Adult Novice / Intermediate / Advanced

(12 yrs old and above)

These classes are for adults and teens. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday for one hour. They are divided by rank and focus on overall fitness and strength using Kajukenpo specific drills. Students are taught the aspects of Kajukenpo Karate which implement the many facets of multiple fighting arts combined into a lethal self defense style.


Jr. Warriors; Novice / Intermediate / Advanced

(6 yrs old to 11 yrs old)

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday for one hour. The longer class makes use of their longer attention spans and allows us to cover more advanced techniques.This class Introduces students to Kajukenpo blocks, strikes, kicks and stances. This class is more structured and incorporates discipline and physical activity along with basic to advanced self defense drills.


Lil Warriors

(4 and 5 yr olds)

Classes are a half hour long and held every Monday and Wednesday. This class introduces students to our basic Kajukenpo strikes, kicks, stances and blocks in a fun and semi-loosely structured class. There is no sparring at this level. Proof of age may be requested.


Senior Class ( 55 yrs old and up)

This class is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 2pm. The Senior class offers a light aerobic workout to help increase one's cardio and heart rate. This class will also focus on teaching the senior student on how to be more aware of their surroundings and how not to be a target or victim to the younger predators of today who's seeking an "easy target". The student will learn basic to intermediate self defense that is easy to learn yet very effective.